Hunsonby Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Penrith, Cumbria

By Lydia Gray

Photo:Hunsonby Chapel 2002

Hunsonby Chapel 2002

Bryan Gray

Photo:Hunsonby Old Chapel.

Hunsonby Old Chapel.

Bryan Gray

This chapel was opened in 1862 and closed in 2001. There was an earlier one in the village also. I live in the 1862 one now and am researching Methodism in the parish of Addingham and have published two articles in the Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaelogical Society (2012,2013). I have also self-published a book about Hunsonby Methodism. I am keen to contact anybody who had ancestors living in the parish, whether Methodist or not. I have amassed a lot of information about the people who lived here 1820-1932.

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hi there, im originaly from penrith as is my mother, and her side of the family starting from my great grandad were all from hunsonby. the family name was forsyth but before that was lancaster, i have a family tree started on find my past and have gone back as far as the early 1800`s where one of my ancestors was a landlady of the local pub in hunsonby. i think her name was mary lancaster

By william shearer
On 27/05/2015

My father was minister here in the late 40s, Rev. John Harrison PRESCOTT. He met my mother in Penrith and got married at Wordsworth Street Methodist church in 1947

By Malcolm Prescott
On 27/07/2015

Hi. My wife's grandfather John Lancaster (b 1874), came from Hunsonby. His father was John Lancaster (b 1831) who farmed at Hunsonby. John jnr emigrated to South Africa somewhere between 1901 and 1908 when he got married there. We are trying to trace any information about the family that remained in Hunsonby. Can you help?

By Cecil Rose
On 09/03/2018

I have information about both the Forsyths and the Lancasters that would help both William Shearer and Cecil Rose, but is not of general interest. I have contacted the website to see how we may be put in touch.

Lydia Gray

By Lydia Gray
On 10/05/2018