Frizington, Chapel Road, later Main Street WM Chapel, Cumberland

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By GW Oxley

Photo:Frizinfton Wesleyan Sunday school,facade, 23.9.2017

Frizinfton Wesleyan Sunday school,facade, 23.9.2017

G W Oxley

Photo:Frizinfton Wesleyan Sunday school,date plaque, 23.9.2017

Frizinfton Wesleyan Sunday school,date plaque, 23.9.2017

G W Oxley

The Chapel was built in 1859 at a cost of £200 and was twice enlarged. There were 312 sittings in 1873. It was probably closed when the new chapel was built in 1883-4. The Sunday school building is now in residential use.


Wesleyan seating returns, 1873.

Carlisle Library, 1A287, St John’s Methodist Church, Frizington, Twenty Fifth Anniversary, 1981

NLS 25” OS Cumberland LXVII.8 1899  

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