Caldbeck WM Chapel, Cumberland

Grid ref NY322402

By GW Oxley

GG Head built Caldbeck Chapel for the use of Methodists 1863, The  chapel was 54 feet by 24 feet and the materials were brick and stone. It was enlarged in 1875. It had 166 sittings in 1873 By 1911 there were 131 in 1911, said in 1940 to be in pews. A schoolroom was added in1958-63. The cost was £1223.10.0d. By 1980 there were 150 and there was one other room. It was in use as a Methodist place of worship in 2014.


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Site visit spring 2014

Photo:Caldbeck WM Chapel, 23.02.2014

Caldbeck WM Chapel, 23.02.2014

G W Oxley

Photo:Caldbeck Chapel, date plaque 23.02.2014

Caldbeck Chapel, date plaque 23.02.2014

G W Oxley

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